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Oracle ICS + Twitter

From the series of articles that we have been posting on this blog about Oracle ICS, it is now time to talk about the connector that exists for Twitter.

With this connector you can make Outbound operations to Twitter.

In the past, we have already written ( a post in which we mentioned the list of connectors that Oracle ICS have available for use:

  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle Messaging Cloud Service
  • Oracle Eloqua Cloud
  • Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Salesforce Cloud
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • Oracle SOAP Adapter
  • Oracle REST Adapter
  • Oracle NetSuite Cloud Adapter
  • Integration Cloud Service Messaging
  • Oracle FTP Cloud (in Using Oracle FTP Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Google Calendar Cloud (in Using Oracle Google Calendar Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Google Task Cloud (in Using Oracle Google Task Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Siebel Cloud (in Using Oracle Siebel Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud (in Using Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter)
  • Oracle Database Cloud (in Using Oracle Database Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle SAP Cloud (in Using Oracle SAP Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Evernote Cloud (in Using Oracle Evernote Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Eventbrite Cloud (in Using Oracle Eventbrite Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle LinkedIn Cloud (in Using Oracle LinkedIn Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Facebook Cloud (in Using Oracle Facebook Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud (in Using Oracle Commerce Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Twitter Cloud (in Using Oracle Twitter Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Gmail Cloud (in Using Oracle Gmail Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Microsoft Email Adapter (in Using Oracle Microsoft Email Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Microsoft Contact Adapter (in Using Oracle Microsoft Contact Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle Microsoft Calendar Adapter (in Using Oracle Microsoft Calendar Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle MySQL Database Adapter (in Using Oracle MySQL Database Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle MailChimp Adapter (in Using Oracle MailChimp Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle SurveyMonkey Adapter (in Using Oracle SurveyMonkey Cloud Adapter)
  • Oracle RightNow Cloud
One of them is exactly Oracle Twitter Cloud .
The connection is made as any oher connection inside the ICS, meaning this that you should go to the connections section and create a new one:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
After this is done, you have to select the Twitter connection:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
This connection will request to you the following information that you will need to get from your own Twitter account when you register for the app. The information that you will need is the following:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
This information is obtained when you register for the application at:, once inside you will get an app similar to the following:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
Once you have your account, make click on it and go to the following menu:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
There you will generate the:
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Access Token
  • Access Secret
This is simple, you only need to clcik in two buttons:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
Once you have the information, simply fill such data in the Twitter connection and you will generate something similar to the following:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
Now we will create a very simple integrtion: we will publish a web service through the ICS which will receive the message that will show the weather conditions in any given city and publish it through Twitter. This scenario is very simple and for sure in your case you will have more complex integration scenarios that will need to be published or enquiried by somebody.
The integration will result as follows:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
In the left side we have the information that we want to post on Twitter, which is related to the weather conditions in a given city. In the right side we have the connection to Twitter that we have just created.
The operations that this connector will permit you to use, are the following:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
Oracle ICS + Twitter
As you will see, we have a wide variety of operations. In our case, we will use the one for Tweet, with it you will post a Tweet with the connection you just created.
The inbound mapping will be as follows:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
We simply map the status field which is exactly to have it published on Twitter.
The outbound mapping will be as follows:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
Now let’s go back to the schedule in which the Tweet was posted.
Now we only need to activate the integration and obtain the WSDL:
Oracle ICS + Twitter

Yo will be able to get the WSDL as follows:

Oracle ICS + Twitter
In this post:  we explained how to use it, since it will request you a WSS token to be able to review it.
If now we open it in SOAP UI, we will see the following:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
We have send a test message to Twitter through ICS:
In Twitter it was published as follows:
Oracle ICS + Twitter
This is a very simple example but it clearly exemplifies the Oracle ICS + Twitter integration.

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