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Security solutions consulting

A security solutions consulting is a key factor to protect one of the most valuable assets of a company which is the information.

In S&P Solutions we help you to minimize the impact of risks associated to IT security events in your organization.

We manage the access control, the single sign in and the identity protection of the user’s schemes.

With the Oracle products and our consulting services, you will have the visibility of your entire infrastructure, who access determined areas, who have access to which areas and you will be able to automate the access or revocation permissions of your internal, external and temporary users according to the needs of your organization.

Our services encompass all the levels of your infrastructure, from the applications access up to the protection of the most important asset you have: the information, making decisions and taking action over the queries, roles and access of your database and your company policies during the deployment of your applications or additional modules.

We help you to generate a security strategy that allows you to stay calmed and know who access to your assets.

If you want to assure the confidential information of your company through the S&P Solutions consulting services and the IT security solutions of Oracle, please Contact us and one of our specialized consultants will call you shortly.

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