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Cloud computing consulting

S&P Solutions delivers the following consulting services related to con Cloud Computing:

  1. We organize discussion forums and roundtables to define how to address the adoption of cloud computing solutions in your business.
  2. We help you to decide the best way to go for cloud computing adoption, taking into consideration the architecture, security and transactionality factors.
  3. We support your architecture team to decide how to trace hybrid architectures. We help you to identify when it is convenient to have your development environments in cloud testing and when to have them on-premise.
  4. With the Oracle Cloud products, we help you to integrate your applications in the cloud so you have them on-premise. This is feasible through Oracle Integration Cloud Services (ICS).
  5. At the same time, we develop mobile applications taking advantage of the Oracle Cloud Platform known as Oracle Mobile Cloud Services. For more information about our mobile applications development, please click here.
  6. We help you to establish how to approach SOA in the Cloud, such as to establish your strategy for API Management in the cloud. For more information about our SOA consulting services, please click here.
  7. We provide cloud computing trainings and seminars either developed by Oracle or by

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