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Cloud school

S&P Solutions stands out significantly in this area through our exclusive partnership with Arcitura Education Inc. for our Cloud School initiative. S&P Solutions has a division called Cloud Academy, which is the company that exclusively offers Cloud courses with the Arcitura content.

Arcitura is a leading global institution which objective is to provide continuous training and certification technology to professionals in various topics related to SOA and Cloud Computing. Its founder is Thomas Erl ( who is a recognized professional in the SOA industry, author of many books on architecture, and the creator of the certifications from the

It is important to mention that the content provided by Arcitura is neutral to any vendor and considers from basics to the advanced levels (Architecture, Security, Governance, etc.)

S&P Solutions currently provides its services through qualified personnel that has obtained the following certifications:

  • Certified Cloud Professional
  • Certified Cloud Technology Professional
  • Certified attendance to SOA Architect Certification Course

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