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A first glimpse to the Oracle Intelligent Bot Cloud Service

Quick Look at Oracle’s Cloud Chatbots Platform Chatbots have become an important platform to interact with our users using a well known tool: chat. We are not only talking about making this type of platform available in channels like Facebook, what we really want is the automatization of tasks so users can use it with confidence. We want this tool to become a transactional tool not only informative. In the future it might be predictive and have interactions with backend systems and API’s. This article is a quick view at the new chatbot platform provided by Oracle. We will be reviewing some details about chatbots that will work as an introduction for new and more extensive articles to come in the near future. First of all we need to understand that chatbots are a Cloud based platform. Here are a couple of reasons why: First of all, Oracle has become a Cloud based company, and[...]

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Oracle Integration Cloud Service LinkedIn adapter

After being trying some weeks/months ago to make this happen, finally the LinkedIn adapter is working in my Oracle ICS instance. The adapter supports these operations: In this blog post we will show the scenario of Status Update. I think this is a good one, since you can implement something with your HR department that everytime they open a new position, it can be automatically updated in LinkedIn. Wouldn’t that be great? Or if someone quits or move, but at the end a new position is opened, then with the upcoming steps you can achieve it. The first thing is to login in Oracle ICS and go to the connection section to create a new one. Then look for LinkedIn adapter: Put a name on it: Configure your Client ID and Client Secret that you will get after creating an application in LinkedIn: The scope is what you want to use from LinkedIn through the adapter.[...]

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API´s have left us dumb

I stole part of this idea from a good friend named René Figueroa. Some years ago, in a blog post, he describes how the internet and the mobile applications have left him dumb. He explained this as part of the experience he had in a trip to San Francisco, CA. He told the story like this: I took an UBER to go from my house to the airport I made the check in during the trip through the airline mobile app When I arrived to San Francisco, I request another UBER to go to the hotel During my travel from the airport to the hotel, I made my hotel check in through the hotel app I arrived t the hotel and with the check in code generated by the app, I got my hotel room key He told us: I did not have a need to talk to anybody. Noe, the idea is not to stand out that[...]

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