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Archive for November, 2016

Oracle Integration Cloud Service LinkedIn adapter

After being trying some weeks/months ago to make this happen, finally the LinkedIn adapter is working in my Oracle ICS instance. The adapter supports these operations: In this blog post we will show the scenario of Status Update. I think this is a good one, since you can implement something with your HR department that everytime they open a new position, it can be automatically updated in LinkedIn. Wouldn’t that be great? Or if someone quits or move, but at the end a new position is opened, then with the upcoming steps you can achieve it. The first thing is to login in Oracle ICS and go to the connection section to create a new one. Then look for LinkedIn adapter: Put a name on it: Configure your Client ID and Client Secret that you will get after creating an application in LinkedIn: The scope is what you want to use from LinkedIn through the adapter.[...]

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API´s have left us dumb

I stole part of this idea from a good friend named René Figueroa. Some years ago, in a blog post, he describes how the internet and the mobile applications have left him dumb. He explained this as part of the experience he had in a trip to San Francisco, CA. He told the story like this: I took an UBER to go from my house to the airport I made the check in during the trip through the airline mobile app When I arrived to San Francisco, I request another UBER to go to the hotel During my travel from the airport to the hotel, I made my hotel check in through the hotel app I arrived t the hotel and with the check in code generated by the app, I got my hotel room key He told us: I did not have a need to talk to anybody. Noe, the idea is not to stand out that[...]

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